Rise of the Sonny at Phoenix Comicon!

Sonny will be kickstarting his summer with:

Phoenix Comicon – June 5 – 8
Phoenix Convention Center North and South Buildings
100 North 3rd Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85004

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Sonny Wins the 2013 Golden Bacon for Voice Acting Excellence

Lupin the ThirdFrom Sonny: Thank you, Nerd to the Third Power, for my 2013 Golden Bacon award for voice acting. Surprisingly it wasn’t for Usopp in One Piece (which has been getting a lot of attention lately) but for my performance of Lupin III in “The Woman Called Fujiko Mine.” Which I thought was a bit overlooked this year so I am glad it got some recognition. If you haven’t seen the series you really should do yourself a favor and see the Funimation version. Great performances, great story and if you are a fan of Monkey Punch’s manga, this is the closet anime has ever come to looking like the source. Oh..and not that this needs pointing out but lots of fan service.

Matsuricon Cancellation

Sonny will unfortunately not be able to attend Matsuricon this year due to prior commitments. He may return in 2015, but in the mean time, check out his schedule for current and upcoming convention appearances.